The Tripod Arm
for overhead Shots

Keep your camera steady & shoot sharp photos from overhead for the perfect flatlay

With this compact & sturdy tripod arm, you can easily experiment with overhead angles, without buying a new tripod

Travel friendly

Using a tripod (at any angle) is the fastest way to improve your photography. Line up overhead shots without the arm ache, for sharply focused flatlays

Overhead shots

Quickly convert any tripod for secure overhead shooting, or attach the clamp to surfaces (like a table or chair). Use this arm in place of a C stand for DSLR cameras.

Travel friendly

With its lightweight aluminium construction & compact size, this tripod arm is a great travel companion. Hook it to the outside of your pack to shoot on-the-go

Sturdy structure

Stable, compact and comfortable. thanks to a robust aluminium frame, this tripod arm doesn't just keep your shots steady, it also keeps your camera safe & secure

The Tripod Arm Extender

Tripod Extension Arm
Tripod Extension Arm
Tripod Extension Arm
Tripod Extension Arm
Tripod Extension Arm
Tripod Extension Arm
Tripod Extension Arm


  • Standard 1/4 screw fitting for DSLR
  • Robust & lightweight frame
  • Articulated design
  • Extends to 11 inches
  • Magic clamp up to 47 mm
  • Maximum load weight up to 2 kg
The Adventurer Camera Backback

Tripod Extension Arm

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Photo by Benjamin Suter from Pexels
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The Fig & Fennel story

When I started my food blog at the end of 2015, learned food photography on-the-job. I quickly discovered how simple it is to take mouth-watering food photos (once you have a grip on the basics). After being asked to shoot for a few bars locally, I started to offer food & venue photography professionally for other businesses.

After launching Fig & Fennel photography, I shot for more local venues, and for brands like UberEats, but soon realised that professional photography isn’t something that small businesses can get immediate ROI from. Particularly in the food service sector, marketing has to be as fast-paced as the service provided, and with smartphone cameras improving with every new release, there just isn’t much value in hiring a photographer on a regular basis.

But I was still passionate about helping food businesses to get tasty food photos (and a wining Insta strategy). So I pivoted to help them do just that. I launched the Fig & Fennel blog, teaching ways to up your food photography game. I also started sourcing photography gear in the Fig & Fennel store. The photography mkit I sell is high enough quality to shoot professional-looking photos, but at a price point that’s accessible for the ‘serious amateur’ budget of bloggers, instagrammers, marketers & hobbyists.