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Canon remote shutter release

Canon remote shutter release

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A handheld button that allows you to operate your camera (take photos) from a distance.

A remote shutter release is particularly useful for:

  • Shooting in low light – there’s no point using a tripod to keep the camera steady if you’re going to jog it by leaning in to press the button
  • For awkward angles, like overhead shots, where its a pain to hold your camera in your hands for an extended amount of time
  • When you have multiple moving parts in a shot – if you need to drizzle, pour or sprinkle, or you want to include your hands, a remote shutter release is the only way to make that happen

Sold individually, or as part of the Everything but the Camera (Canon) food photography essentials bundle.


Newar remote shutter release

Compatible for: Canon

Connection: Cable